Maybe I am not the correct one to write this article, but I do have an opinion, which I would like to share.

Let`s start with a question. Why buying picks when you can do your homework and bet for yourself.

 The only correct answer is »Exactly«. Personally, I would never pay anyone to send me his picks, but I love this business as it makes me money, but as same time, making money from betting takes time, a lot of time to be exact.

You should know that from the moment the bet reaches the client:

  • I have watched the match in live transmission or a replay of it or at least extended highlights
  • I have read reports;
  • I have checked all the team news and evaluate the misses;
  • I have checked weather reports;
  • I have checked fan blogs;

However, all of that is not enough if:

  • I don` t have previous knowledge about the teams,
  • I can`t rate the players who are either back in team or are missing,
  • I can`t predict what tactics their coaches will use,
  • ….

But, even all of that makes no importance at all if I can`t evaluate the value in odds that bookmakers are offering. Working as a bookmakers helped me A LOT and results are much better. In addition, all what is written above (and a lot of other stuff, which I did not write about) is the foundation to make sensible decision to take or not to take the bet and share it with clients. I don` t know how other are doing their work, but for me, this is standard procedure to create a bet.

Of course I do make a shortlist of bets which I like, give them my own evaluations in odds and lines and if those evaluations are better than what books are offering, only then the bet is ready to be taken.

Basically this is the one pick`s path to the clients inbox folder.


So why buy bets? I mean anyone can bet themselves. Well, not really, as statistically 95% of bettors are losers, so it is no wonder every day more and more bookmakers hit the market to take their money.

Reason is simple, so let`s explain it in simple way. One would like to invest in stock exchange, other in antiques and other in new currency markets…whatever you like, you can invest in (as long it is legal). Nevertheless, for any investing you need knowledge. If you do not have it yourself, you can ask your broker for help, you can evaluate your antiques by people who know about that. So, you see where I am getting too.

Betting is still surrounded with a kind of stigmatism, as if it is an illegal doing. Well I do not think so, betting is one of the chances to make money and this logically means one way to invest your money. So who can help you, when you are investing? Of course, people with knowledge as in any other business on this world.


Therefore, I see buying bets/picks/tips as a relation between investor who has money he wants to multiply and a consultant who can help him reach that. It is simply selling knowledge for a fee. I mean even if you want to learn Italian I don`t believe anyone will teach you that free.

To conclude, it is up to you what you want to do with your money, but my advice is that if you want to invest money in betting and you lack knowledge, sensible thing is to reach out for help.

Sadly, charlatans and scammers already put shadow on small percentage of good bettors who are offering their knowledge to potential clients.